It started about a dozen years ago. My wife asked me to move a large oak entertainment unit upstairs to our bedroom from my 1st floor den. After stalling as long as I could, I finally gathered the appropriate assistance and attempted to move it, only to find that it would not fit up the stairwell. Naturally, my wife stated that we would be off to buy a new one for the bedroom. It was at this point my woodworking career began. I boldly stated that we would not need to purchase one, but that I would build a new one.

I embarked on a project to copy the old one, but this time it would consist of three parts that could be assembled upstairs. After researching appropriate woodworking techniques and purchasing a few select tools, I began work on my project. The result was really quite startling, especially for me. The unit came out beautiful and continues to serve our needs 11 years later. What also happened is I found out that woodworking was a terrific way for me to escape from the rigors of my everyday job as a Chief Financial Officer. Since that time, I have continued to build tables, bookcases, night stands, wall units and other projects as they presented themselves.

With each project, I would buy a new tool and learn a new technique. While in my workshop, which is located in the basement of my home, I regularly lose track of time. Frequently, on weekends, I will head down at 7 a.m. and the next thing I know my wife is telling me it’s time to have dinner.

After building many items for our home and children’s homes, I decided it was time to build custom pieces for sale. I especially enjoy making shaker furniture. It’s simple yet elegant style has enabled it to stand the test of time.

While I also will build furniture with oak and walnut, my favorite wood to work with is cherry. I think it is full of character as it will naturally darken with time. I buy all of my cherry from my supplier in Western PA, the region of the country that produces the finest cherry in the world. All of my furniture is built with time tested techniques such as loose mortise and tennon joinery and dovetails. All pieces are finished using the finest products available and are only complete when they are showcase quality. With virtually no overhead and no real dependence on my furniture as a source of income, I am able to offer pieces at a fraction of what they would cost otherwise. This is not my job, it is my passion.

My wife, Karen and I live in Bellingham, Massachusetts with our German Shepards (Maik and Shadow) and our two cats (Kalif and Murray).
Michael B. Tobin • Bellingham, MA
(617) 851-6147